The year 2020 was quite the pivotal year, with history being made right and left, people strived to stay connected and in-the-loop — digitally. Thanks to Covid-19 digital technology boomed, with apps such as Zoom, Netflix, and especially Tiktok, rapidly growing in popularity. Tiktok, initially referred to as “” is…

December, 2019. News of the coronavirus was just beginning to surface in the media, but not necessarily in the form of breaking news. China was reported to have been hit with a mysterious virus and the world began blowing up memes surrounding the news. Future concerns and pandemics remained out…

Since I have danced for almost 16 years of my life, I often wonder how my life has differed from others growing up, life lessons I have learned, things I missed out on, and life-long affects I will have on my mentality and physic.

I plan to interview veteran dancers, current dancers, and dancers who have walked away from their passion. I plan to gain insight on what dancing has taught them emotionally and physically. I often hear that dancers grow up faster than normal children, but what does that really mean? What things do we realize about ourselves and what experiences to we endure earlier on to gain a more mature mindset?

Ever since I was a little girl, I have eaten organic and all natural food. This means food that is unprocessed, not genetically modified, and genuinely in it’s purest form. I often wonder what eating this type of food does to your mind, body, and soul and how this impact can affect you in the long-run.

I plan to do research on this topic asking my aunt, who is the a health and wellness coach. I also plan on using information from Mayo Clinic, Time, and other non-bias websites so that I get the most saturated information possible. I will also use personal anecdotes and observations I have noticed from eating this food vs unnatural food. I don’t plan to argue this claim, I instead plan to inform using information and facts.

Retired basketball player Dwyane Wade has become a household name due to his star-studded career with not only Marquette’s own Golden Eagles but also with the NBA.

Dwyane Wade was born on January 17, 1982 in Chicago, Illinois. Coming from humble backgrounds, Dwyane Wade grew up with much hardship. With his parents divorced, four children to care for, his Mom a drug addict, and his Dad often not in the picture, Wade turned to basketball to distract…

Stories can make a lasting impact because unlike broken bones, bombs, and starving children stories are eternal. All of those examples are of things that are fast and temporary feelings or actions that are ever-changing depending on the circumstances. Stories stay static and timeless.

I agree with Banaszynski’s claim that…

Julie is a 5th year senior and pole vaulter at Marquette University studying Finance. Julie is originally from Waukesha, WI and had been pole vaulting since her freshman year of high school. Pole vaulting was introduced to her because the coach at her high school was her friend’s Dad; he…

ADPR Interview Questions

Interviewer: Nicole Anderson Interviewee: Devon Cowan

Q: What is your name?

Devon Cowan

Q: Why did you choose the major that you chose?

I am a major in advertising and a minor in real estate. I am interested in real estate and this brought me to my…

Nicole Anderson

Marquette University

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